beds with storage

We always seem to need extra space and having a bed with storage under is wonderful!

Our beds are made in Spain by hand, they have a high quality lifting mechanism so they open and close really easily. 

We have various models and fabrics to choose from. 

Sizes from 80x200cm to 200x200cm


Ibiza is a bed with storage and a classic qulited look. 

Legs are placed under the bed so it looks almost like it is floating.

Combine with one of our mattresses.


Siena has a removable cover on the headboard and storage box, a bed skirt. 

The mattress lays inside the frame in order for the bed to be lower.

 The design is slim, like Scandinavian and has a fresh look to it.

Combine the bed with one of our mattresses.


Twin is bed with great storage capacity. The headboard is padded, looking like two separate cushions.

THe bed box is higher than our other models wich means that there is even more space underneath.

Combine the bed with one of our mattresses.