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We have picked out a diverse selection of mattresses so that you will sleep well in Mallorca. We use breathable high quality natural materials. 

All of our mattresses  are certified with oeko-tex standard 100. This means that all the products related to the texiles have been tested for substances that could harm our health. 

All of our mattresses can be combined with our Spanish beds.

Visit us and we will help you find the one for you.


MARPHIL SOFT is our luxurious bestselling hybrid mattress. Height 31 cm.

The combination of individually packed boxsprings with memory foam will give you the ultimate sleep experience. 

This is a reversible  mattress  with a cooler fabric for the summer, and a warmer fabric for the winter. The mattress is breathable and ergonomically designed.

Seven relief zones. Firmness MEDIUM. 

mattress ATLANTIC COOLER with boxsprings

ATLANTIC COOLER  a reversible boxspring mattress. Hight 26cm.

The patended innovative cooler thread maintains a cool air flow in the mattress because of its thermal conductivity, which also transports away moisture. This makes the temerature in bed three degrees cooler than the room. Perfect for the island!

The other side is made of materials designed to keep you warm in the winter.

Breathable and ergonomically designed.

Seven relief zones, firmness HARD.

mattress MERINO memory foam 

Mattress MERINO provides you maximum comfort, Height 29 cm.

This comfortable mattress is made with high-quality materials like natural merino wool and Bio soya memory foam. It has a great ability to handle heat and humidity.

 A good option if you are looking for a mattress with a classic stylish appearance.

Seven relief zones. Firmness MEDIUM. 

hybrid mattress ORGANIC with boxsprings and latex

ORGANIC is a mattress with boxsprings and microperforated natural latex. Hight 29cm

It is integrated with natural fibers, such as linen, silk and cotton and is breathable and ergonomically designed. Providing you the best sleep, made from nature.

Seven relief zones. Firmness MEDIUM

 top mattress OMEGA VISCO

Available in height 4 and 6cm.
The VISCOELASTIC padding relieves pressure and adapts to the body for greater relaxation. Manufactured to provide softness and embrace your current rest. Its non-slip bottom fabric prevents movements.