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We have picked out a diverse selection of mattresses so that you will sleep well in Mallorca. 

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boxspring mattress ATLANTIC

 This pocket spring mattress has 7 rest areas. Height is 26cm.

ATLANTIC mattress has a cooler fabric and two different sides for summer and winter. Also it is breathable.

The innovative Cooler thread technology is able to maintin cool air flow thanks to its thermal conductivity properties. It creates a comfortable environment as it is highly permeable to water vapour.

mattress TEIDE eco manufacturing with boxsprings 

This pocket spring mattress has 3 zones of relief. Height is 28cm.

Each pocket spring is enclosed within its own fabric pocket. Since springs are packed separately they don't move all at the same time, hence movement only in the part where a person moves or turns.

Made with fabric from 100% recycled fibers and eco-responsible manufacturing. 

mattress OMEGA with memory foam

  The Omega mattress has you covered, as it was embracing you, and has a temperature regulation thanks to a micro cool technology to keep you much more comfortable.

The mattress memory foam molds to your body, while a thick layer of firm foam provides wonderful relief in the resting areas.

If you are looking for a rest with medium adaptability and great support, this is the right mattress for you. Height is 21cm. 

mattress GALLERY latex

This mattress is made of 100% natural aloe latex. Height is 23cm.

It has 7 rest zones so that each part of your body is relieved.

Suitable for an adjustable bed also. 

top mattress OXICELL

A top mattress designed to make your rest as ergonomic as posible wich is really important for a good night sleep. Covered in cashmere and underside in antislip fabric. Height 6cm.

 top mattress VISCO

Manufactured to provide softness and embrace to your current rest. Its non-slip bottom fabric prevents movements. Available in 4 and 6cm.