Swedish and Trendy quality beds!

swedish boxspring beds


A good boxspring bed provide the comfort you need to have many good nights sleep!

Our beds are made by hand in Sweden. The frames are made from Swedish wood known for being almost unbreakable. 

The springs are made of Swedish steel which is really flexible.

continental bed NOBEL

If you want a bed that adapts completely to your body, choose NOBEL. 

This Swedish boxspring bed has a double pocket spring system with seven zones in the top, 

which means you get maximum relief whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side. 

Topmattress in 9 cm high microfiber wadding and cold foam.

Mattress 21cm, pocketsprings 15cm, 7 zones. Lower part 27cm, pocketsprings 13cm

Total height 56cm + 12cm legs = 68cm. Hardness Medium, Firm, Extra firm

frame bed PRINCESS

PRINCESS is a frame bed (two layers of box-springs in a frame) but has the same  comfort as a continental bed. 

This Swedish boxspring bed also has five zones and a box-springs for a 

maximum sleeping experience.

Topmattress in 9 cm high microfiber wadding and cold foam. 

Mattress 16cm, pocketsprings 13cm. Lower part 12cm, 10cm bonell springs 

Total height 37cm + 19cm leg = 56cm. Hardness Medium, Firm, Extra firm