Swedish and Trendy quality beds!

Bed linen

Cushion fillings and covers

Cushions with fiber filling and 100% percale cotton cover.

50x70cm 24€
65x65cm 24€

Covers 100% washed linen.
50x70cm 69€
65x65cm 69€


summer 180 grams

Light, comfy and soft, recommended for warmer months.

140x200cm for bed 90cm 135€
240x220cm for bed 160cm 199€
260x240cm for bed 180/200cm 219€

winter 250 grams

Light, soft and comfy. 

Recommended for intermediate climates such as our winter here on the island. 

140x200cm for bed 90cm 69€
240x220cm for bed 150/160cm 99€
260x220cm for bed 180/200cm 129€

Duvet cover

Duvet cover made of 100% washed linen. Huge selection of colours to choose.
Concealed button closure at the bottom.

140x200cm for bed 80/90cm 135€
240x220cm for bed 150/160cm 199€
260x240cm for bed 180/200cm 219€

Mattress protector

Maintains the quality of the mattress intact protecting it from external agents, such as the high humidity that we have on the island.

 200g padded fiber. Easy to place and remove, just like a fitted sheet. 

Washable. Fits mattress up to 30cm high.

80x200x35cm 26€
90x200x35cm 29€
150x200x35cm 42€
160x200x35cm 44€
180x200x35cm 50€

Bed sheet with straps

100% washed cotton. Extreme softness. Soft and nuanced colours.

90x190x30cm for bed 80/90cm 45€
160x200x35cm for bed 150/160cm 55€
180x200x35cm for bed 180cm 59€


Many colours. 100% washed eco cotton.
125x170cm 74€
240x260cm 199€
260x280cm 239€

Choose the colour you like most!